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Economic and Financial Literacy Education

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Investigating the complex system of money and how individuals, companies, and governments utilize it to their advantage



Analyzing the challenges that society currently faces and how they relate to economics, finance, and business



Understanding the process of creating and building a business



Obtaining the ability to understand and effectively use financial skills to improve personal financial wellbeing



Studying the methods of allocating money with the hopes of achieving a profit in the future



Learning the social science that organizes the global economy and tackles the problem of scarcity


Our programs are intended for students to gain a better understanding of each of our focus areas. By doing so, they will become more prepared for the future as they navigate life in higher education and the workforce.

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Stay informed of current economic, financial, and business news. Our team has a group of writers dedicated to providing the latest updates and editorials on today's most important events as they unfold, all from the perspective of students.


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Our Vision

Most Americans think they know more about money than they actually do. In fact, an S&P survey found that only about 57% of adults in the United States are financially literate. This puts the world's leading economic superpower in 14th place in terms of its citizens' financial literacy.

In an age where increasingly complex financial products are becoming available to a growing range of the population, financial literacy has never been more important. This is why we've dedicated ourselves to teaching economics and finance to students. We hope to prepare future generations of the world to navigate the complex world of finance and the economy.