Introducing Mezo's Investor's Column


By the Investor's Column Team

Written Tue February 9, 2021

Updated 11:18 AM ET, Wed February 24, 2021


About Us

Mezo’s Investor's Column is a new, student-led project aimed at providing education, transparency, and simplicity to a complex financial system. It’s a new type of column with a community-driven set of guiding principles and philosophies.

Why We're Here

We find that financial news is often confusing and filled with needlessly complicated phrases that create barriers to understanding. Our job is to cut through that fluff and deliver a modern way to read intellectually stimulating articles.

What We Plan to Do

  1. Publish an article every week. Join us on our mission by reaching out.

  2. Allow our readers and writers to be intellectually stimulated by reading and writing about the following topics: economics, finance, politics, finance, business, social issues, and current events.

  3. Form a tight-knit community of diverse students that are representative of the diversity of thoughts and backgrounds that drives creativity and innovation.

  4. Push out collaborative original content.

  5. Have Fun!

Team Structure

The team structure is meant to be flexible and fluid, but here are the roles and responsibilities we have designated:

Article Writers

Andrew Leuciuc. Kabir Sankaran Rajendra. Richard Shi.


Makayla Harris. Rukmini Nallamothu. Yinan Miao.

Additional Contributors

Ryan Wang.


Our mission is to help students learn and read economic, political, and market news in an engaging, evidence-driven, and simple way.

Investor's Column Team

Mezo Inc.